Arduino fingerprint scanner

Hello everybody!

I am relatively new in programming and arduinos. I have some projects of mine that I completed successfully and now I am thinking about a fingerprint device. I got a fingerprint slide scanner from sparkfun. --> I also have an Arduino Mega board. I want to make a lock open when the right person slides the finger on it. I know there has to be a code thet would read the signal... store it....make a file...and proceed with a specific command. I have NO idea how to do this. I read through the sparkfun forum on this topic but those guys are talking about some stuff that is way above my brain's power.... I'm not in a college class for programming or any fancy stuff. I'm still in highschool, but I'm very passionate about these things. The sparkfun forum discussion --> there are 7 pages or sth. The last post is mine.... if noone answered yet.

So, anybody? Can anybody help me understand this ppppplease?

Thank you guys! I appreciate it.