Arduino FIO and "Multipoint Wireless Sensor Network V1" from LogicaTronics


I'm Richard Oliver, Director of a micro-business called LogicaTronics Limited here in the UK. We are not corporate, but we are professional. As an Independent Electronics and Software Developer, we evangelise Arduino and other types of Single Board Computers.

We're announcing the release of "Multipoint Wireless Sensor Network V1". It is a synergy of Arduino working with mbed and Pachube to form a Rapid Telemetry System. Details were first presented at the IoT/London event, organised by Pachube, on the 14th December 2011.

I'd like to welcome feedback in relation to our documentation release - construction details in PDF, available to view on our website at:

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Thank you.

A quick look, looks good. Is it (partly ?) open source?

Hello Rob.

Thank you for taking a quick look at the document.

Regarding open-source and your question:

YES - Arduino FIO sketch. NO - mbed firmware.

You get a copy of the Arduino FIO sketch, because the user needs to do their own thing in the remote monitor, such as data processing algorithms that sensors may need.

The mbed firmware in the Gateway is supplied as a pre-compiled binary only. The user configures their gateway for Pachube via a text file of parameters on the mbed (which appears on a laptop/desktop computer as a USB memory stick with a filesystem).

LogicaTronics is permitting free use of the "MWSN V1" software for non-commercial applications. So if you just want to quickly put sensor(s) online, this solution might be for you.

Users can make their own "MWSN V1" from commercially available hardware (Digi, Sparkfun, mbed, Arduino), which is listed in the Instructions For Use. It is the user's choice to make their construction on breadboard, Veroboard or buy our forthcoming motherboard and micro-shield products.

For an example system ("live" as I write this), see:

I hope this helps.

The latest revision of the "Multipoint Wireless Sensor Network V1 Instructions For Use" is available at

MWSN is a Rapid Telemetry System consisting of mbed, XBee and Arduino FIO hardware with our firmware. For non-commercial applications, the firmware is free of charge as is the Pachube online data service.You construct MWSN your way: DIY with modules on breadboard, or you can purchase ready-made PCB hardware for expediency.

The new documentation reveals the latest developments of our Sensor micro-shield for the Arduino FIO, and changes to the connectivity.

A prototype of this system has been on test since November 2011 and is a very reliable product. See for yourself here: