Arduino FIO and XBee Pro S2 communication in API mode?

Hi there!

I'm working in a project using FIO. We have just started to use it, and I cannot make things communicate properly, so I guess I'm missing something.

The layout Ive got is the following:

  • 2 XBee pro s2 modules. One configured as Coordinator, Zigbee stack 2 (zigbee pro) and API Mode 2. The other is Router (both in API mode)
  • 1 Arduino FIO (the blue one).

The thing is, that Ive check that XBee modules are properly configured as Ive checked with Arduino UNO, and communication between an Arduino uno and PC works perfectly.The thing is though, when I run the same program in FIO (wired programmed) I try to send a message from PC to the FIO, and I see the RSSI red led switch on for a few seconds so it makes me think that the packet reached the XBee module attached to the FIO, BUT (here comes the trouble) the FIO is programmed to switch on the onboard led as soon as it receives a packet through serial, but it doesnt happen. So, I guess that the data is reaching the XBee module, but the FIO is not getting it, or it is discarding it. I havent got a clue of what it coudl be the problem, and why the behaviour is different than UNO, taking into account that they share microcontroller.

Hope someone could help!

Thanks in advance.


It's pretty easy to debug communications in AT mode. I'd recommend doing that before switching to API mode.

Why do you need API mode, anyway?


I havent posted the information in the first post, but the communication in AT mode works perfectly in FIO, that is why it is so weird that API mode is not working. I assume I'm doing/configuring something wrong, but I cant guess what.

The reason of using API mode is, first of all, because I'll receive packets from multiple devices, and I need to know which device sent which packet (I could do it with AT mode as well, inserting the address in my raw packet) but I would like also to have tha chance to configure the XBee remotely.

Using AT mode is always an option, as some of the issues can be compensated with my coding, but I dont get why it doesnt work on FIO but it does work on UNO.