ARDUINO FIO input voltage +12


I have Arduino fio and xbee. I need to connect it to +12V since RGB-LEDS uses the same power source. Connecting +12 V to BAT +/- made the thing smoke for very small amount of time. Fio works still when using DC supply 3,3 V to pin 3V3 (in FTDI section). Im used to see relatively big regulators on different boards. Fio doesnt seem to have anything big pop up in the board. My questions:

  1. Can the Arduino fio be powered with 12V
  2. If so, where do I connect + and - (port names)
  3. Does the built in regulator provide enough current for the basic xbee module

According to the specifications ( the board can take 12v. It's not clear from the schematic which connections one would use for power. There is a battery connector but I would think that would be for the LiPo battery charger. The USB connector should be good for 5V but I don't thing 12V would be good for the battery charger. There are a pair of holes near the power switch which may be JP7 i the schematic ( but those go across the power switch! If you hooked power there it would get shorted when you turn the switch on.

I think the documentation needs improving.

OK, now my fio fried totally. I tried the 2 holes by the on off switch (before your reply). Luckily these things dont cost so much.

Yes the powering documentation needs to be better.

Now I found 5V -> out regulator. Question goes, where should I hook it to? USB or battery inputs?

If you have a regulated 5V supply I would hook it to the USB connector. Cut off a MiniUSB cable and hook the 5V supply to the Red (+) and Black (-) wires.

For a while there were many cellphones that had MiniUSB connectors (before everyone started switching to MicroUSB). You can probably find such a cellphone charger at a thrift store or yard sale for a few dollars. It would make a good power source for a FIO. If you have a LiPo battery connected to the battery socket it should charge when the "USB" power is provided.

Ok, thank you for the advice!

Ok, now I dont get this.

Having hooked my fio to +5V trough the fio's usb port. Sending value 255 to the PWM port gives 3,3V and 0 = 0V. Now when I have the fio hooked to FTDI cable =which gives 3,3V, I get 5 V from the PWM port when value is 255 and 0 V when sent value = 0.

I have the PWM ports hooked to N-type-MOSFET (IRFU220) to control RGB-led strip which consumes 12V, 30W in full power. The system works when input voltage is 3,3, but doesnt when using +5V. Im getting the 5V from the same source that the leds get their current (using 12V->5V regulator). I dont get this, anyone?

Datasheet in IRFU220 gives Gate Threshold Voltage min 2.0. So even 3,3 V should be enough to control the N-type MOSFET.

Now this is getting strange. The FTDI cable actually provides 5 V to the system. I measured it. The circuit is running in 5 V, rather than 3,3V. Now if I hook my regulated 5V into the 3v3 port, everything works. So I guess it is the threshold in the mosfet or something. Anyways I'm happy, this works now.

I hope this doesnt hurt the circuit. The regulator is running pretty hot. Barely can hold with hands.

Hi, sorry, but it's not clear for me if it would be possible to power the aFIO with 5V in BAT input... I know you tried 12V and fried it :( even though DOCUMENTATION of OFFICIAL SITE SAYS INPUT VOLTAGE might go from 3,3 to 12V!!! So, does anybody know if it is possible to power aFIO with 5V in BAT input? Thanks a lot!