Arduino FIO microcontroller with Herkulex Servo

Hey folks,

Just having a bit of an issue with my Arduino FIO. I am attempting to connect a Herkulex DRS-201 servo motor to the FIO and control it using a software serial port. I am using a library written for these motors, in the past I have had success using an Arduino Mega on pins 18, 19 for rx,tx. The Herkulex servo comes with a interface manager kit that allows me to run an windows software where I changed the default baud rate to 57600 down from 115200 (to handle software serial).

Here is a bit of sample code I’ve tried and cannot seem to get working.

#include <Herkulex.h>

int n = 0xfd;
int RX = 11;
int TX = 10;

void setup()

void loop()
  Herkulex.moveOneAngle(n, 90,250,LED_BLUE);
  Herkulex.moveOneAngle(n, -90,250,LED_GREEN);

Information about the servo:

If the software serial port cannot transmit at 57600 then I want to use the FIO’s hardware serial port. In this case I would rewrite the RX and TX to pins TX0 and RX1, then adjust it in software? Sorry for some fundamental questions, this is my first time using the FIO microcontroller. I setup the FIO for wireless programming, so far that has been working well.

Hopefully you guys can give me some insight on this one.


It is possible to have multiple software serial ports with speeds up to 115200 bps.

I setup the FIO for wireless programming, so far that has been working well.

Interesting. I just never found the necessity to use wireless for programming. Makes lots of sense for I/O however; but I guess if one really thinks about it, dedicating the wireless for I/O might just as well program the beast with the same hardware.