Arduino FIO with 16x2 LCD. Doable?

Anyone got FIO (3v3 supply) and some LCD to work? I have one 16x2 parallel LCD from ebay. I've used many 5V LCD's and got them working nicely.

But this 3v3 16x2 LCD that i have is not HD44780. Should it still work with same LCD library or do i need a new LCD? Or is my wiring just not correct?

What LCD is it? If it isn't HD44780 compatible then it isn't likley to work with the library.

Can anyone suggest/link me a LCD that can be used easily with FIO?

Seems like my LCD is QC1602A. And i googled about it and it seems to be 5V lcd. Am i right? It was sold as 3v3 lcd but seems that its not. So no wonder its not working.

Can someone suggest me a working 16x2 3v3 LCD to work with FIO.

Sparkfun has several that will work with the fio. I'm assuming sparkfun is ok since you list the fio as your 'duino of choice.

That's one variant. They have several.

Yeah, i got my FIO from sparkfun too.

Thanks for the link. I’ve been only searching on ebay. Serial LCD is new to me and seems harder to work with. Im familiar with parallel lcd’s and would like to stick on them.
I have no clue how to use serial lcd’s, but i will check on how to use them.

But the question is that can i even use them? I’m using FIO with Xbee and USB(read only) so serial is in use already.

you can use the software serial library to communicate with the SerLCD. There's a library... that is super straightforward to use. And since it is serial you can minimize the pins from the fio to comm with it. I want to say that you can go old school and opt out of serial since the display itself isn't serial, the backpack attached to it is. You can always revert back to parallel control. I believe it is worth it to experiment with the serial comms tho.

neepie: Can someone suggest me a working 16x2 3v3 LCD to work with FIO.

I don't know what a FIO is but, if volts are the problem, you might consider ditching the 16x2 idea and using a Nokia 5110. They made to run on 3v3, are dirt cheap, and have more useful display than any 16x2.

I have standardised on them and find them even more useful than a 20x4 - not to mention cheaper.

Note that I am disappointed with the one with a blue background light. The light is useless and it is better left disconnected. The others are white and are fine.

Arduino FIO is an arduino with xbee slot and LiPo charger already onboard. Works with 3.3V and is alot like Arduino Nano.

How does these Nokia LCD's work with arduino? Are they as simple to use as a 16x2 lcd. Do you mean these 84x48

I looked on some example code and it seems to need alot of code just to initialize it? See here

16x2 Is still my choise, this nokia 5110 lcd would be nice to try. I will order one serial lcd (dont know yet which of them) to try out.