Arduino Fio / Xbee Problem

Hi guys,

I have an Arduino Fio with an Xbee attached to it. On the other hand i got the Xbee Explorer with another Xbee radio attached for pogramming.

I managed to upload the "Blink" Sketch and all worked really good for about 3 hours. Since then i constantly get error Messages when trying to upload new code. I didn't change anything except that i pulled on and off an Accelerometer Sensor.

Error Messages:
#1: skt500_gesync(): not in sync: resp=0x00
#2 (with programmer): usbdev_open(): did not find any USB device "usb"

Other behiavors i noticed on the Fio board and the explorer:

  • While Power is turned on, the ON Led on the Fio board is illuminated red.

  • When Pressing the Button on the Fio Board, LED 13 blinks red once.

  • When trying to upload a sketch the RSSI Light on the Fio Board is constantly green. (assuming an established connection to the Programming Xbee).

  • When trying to upload a sketch, ONLY THE TX Light on the Explorer Board blinks. Since the Rx Light is not blinking i'm assuming that the programming Xbee is unable to receive Data or the Fio Xbee is unable to Send Data.

Yes, i have select the right Com Port and the right Model in the Arduino IDE. And i also configured the Xbees multiple times with the Configuration Tool.

Any ideas how to solve this? Do you think the Fio Board is broken or is there some Problem with the Radios?