Arduino Fio + xbee + Stepper Motor


I want to drive wirelessly a stepper motor (speed, direction and position) with arduino Fio+xbee serie 1, and an opto fork switch as feedback informations.
Could someone tell me what would be the cheapest solution I could use (with shield or IC or without driver at all), knowing that the Fio has an operating voltage of 3.3v instead 5v?
I seen the folowing driver shield but features announce an operating voltage of 5v and i don’t know if i can use it with the Fio board (3.3v):

Thank you for help.

I think it could work, as 3.3V is enough to turn the ULN2003 drivers "on," although you would still need a separate 5V supply to connect to the driver board to power the motor.

Sorry to ask again, but is it sure that ULN2003 can it work with 3.3v digital logic level, because compared to what i read in several post, sometime it need 5v and sometime 3.3v logic level.. that confuse me. However i have some L293DNE but it need logic level shifter and i want to avoid it... is there a better solution maybe from scratch components for exemple... i have some old printer, scanner, floppy disk and cd/dvd rom drive. Tks.