Arduino -> Firefly -> Grasshopper -> Rhino

Hi all. I've done a few searches, and decided to post my own new question. I am a n00b to firefly and grasshopper, but have some experience with Arduino, and a lot with Rhino.

What I'm doing: Using a Nintendo DS touchscreen connected to my Arduino Duemilanove, manipulate a surface in Rhinoceros.

My thoughts: create a point grid which can be used to reference locations on the touchscreen; as those points are touched, the Z-height of the points change. A surface is dynamically created on the points in real time using grasshopper.

What I need to know: Basically all of it. From Arduino all the way through to Rhino. Thanks for any advice!

(ps, this is just the basics -, if we can build on it, I have a few more ideas i want to play with on this surface/touchscreen project)