Arduino fix for BMW Motorbike Gear Indicator help please

Guys, I am brand new to this so please be patient and kind. Any help would be appreciated.

I have an Arduino Uno and I'm hoping it will be able to fix my problem.

I have a K1100 BMW motorbike fitted with an aftermarket speedo. The problem is the gear selector indicator.

The bike has 5 gears plus neutral that used to be indicated on the old instrument cluster. On most bikes, each gear is indicated by a dedicated wire, so there would be six wires for a 5 speed bike (including the wire for neutral.

The problem on the BMW is that there are three inputs used in combination to provide the selected gear information.

For example, three input combination (A, B, C):

A B C Gear

X X X 0 (Neutral) X X O 1 X O X 2 X O O 3 O X X 4 O X O 5

X = 12V Signal O = No signal

i've had a play with the Arduino and really enjoyed going through the learning process, unfortunately, the coding is still beyond my capabilities. If any of you kind souls can help with the coding, I would be forever grateful.

So in summary, i'd like my Arduino Uno to be able to read the combination of inputs and convert them into six dedicated outputs.

Many thanks George