Arduino + Flash!

Hello everyone!

I am a 3rd year Interactive Media Design student at the University of Dundee, Scotland. I am currently exploring the possibility of using Arduino and Flash 8 to create a simple remote control device that would allow a user to interact with a story. The story consists of various movie clips arranged in flash along the timeline and across 4 scenes with a point of interaction occurring in each scene where three buttons appear on screen; the users choice of button dictates which movie clip will play next. I wish to use Arduino to control these buttons by building a control unit consisting of 3 buttons (A,B,C), a play button and a restart button.

I use an iBook G4 and Flash 8 professional. I have not yet acquired any Arduino hard/software as this will be provided for me once i finalize my plans.

I am completely new to Arduino and i am using the Internet for reference and to find information. I was wondering if you could spare a few minutes to explain if you think this scenario is possible for me to achieve and if you could offer any advice?

Thanks, Craig


Did you see the reply to your first post?



Yeah i did see it and it has given me a better understanding of what i have to do, but thought it would be worth posting in a different forum to see if anyone else had any other suggestions...


Hi Craig...

thought it would be worth posting in a different forum to see if anyone else had any other suggestions...

In general "cross-posting" like this seems to be frowned upon here--as it is in most internet forums/newgroups.

You'll probably find that most people who would respond to your query would read all of the individual forums anyway and would see your query where-ever you posted it.

Cross-posting generally makes a poor impression on people and means it's difficult to keep track of multiple replies to the same query--it is frustrating to write a response to a question and to soon after discover the same question already answered in another forum.

By all means if you have refined your question and wish to go into further detail then posting in another forum is reasonable--but not just reposting the same question. (If you do post a revised query it's polite to include a link to the new thread in the old one.)

Not intending to be a curmudgeonly old man, just hoping to increase the odds of you getting the helpful response you're hoping for. :-)