Arduino, Flash and Firmata

Hi all, I’m a newbie that would be very grateful for some advice.

I’m using arduino IDE 17 with a deumilanove and wii nunchuck. I want to be able to control a movieclip in flash using the nunchuck accel data.

I have followed the protolabs tutorial using IDE 13 and 17 (13 won’t open on my vista laptop for some reason, sigh)

When using the as3glue examples test_arduino.fla I get a successful socket connection, the port is listed as correct and I receive the firmware version (in this case version 1 even though I have uploaded firmata2.1 beta)

But when I try any of the other examples, for example accel_ball I don’t appear to be receiving usable data (the ball just moves to the bottom right of the screen and stays there no matter how frantically I move the nunchuck)

What am I missing? Is the firmware version showing as 1 a problem? I’ve checked baud rates, tried various IDE’s, firmata versions, computers etc but seem to have hit a road block.

I’ve assumed that I don’t need to change the pin definitions in flash?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Sod's law...

While writing the above post I realised I hadn't tried EVERY firmata version so thought I'd try SimpleAnalogFirmata.

Now the ball moves randomly around the screen, but still doesn't appear to be connected to the actual motion of the nunchuck. It is more interesting to look at though I will admit ::)

Thought I'd include this in case it exposed what I was doing wrong somehow...

Okay so I've fixed the firmware problem, it now shows as firmware version 2. It seems my class path in flash was referencing some examples from an old tutorial which must have been out of date.

Still no response when using the accel_ball test but I guess this may be because they are also using old code? The examples I am using are the cs247 examples from Bjoern Hartmann's protolab tutorial.

So maybe it is working as it should be now, I just don't have any working .fla's to test. any suggestions? Just a simple way to test the movement of a circle related to the nunchuck position?