Arduino Flash Gauge Interface

Hi All,

Im working on a project where ive now completed all the hardware and Aruino code, and i want to intefrace my Mega with a nice GUI.

Ive found this great site with pre-made gauges which i would like to use to represent real time data from my sensor array:

Problem is, apart from the Arduino code, i have no idea where to begin this interfacing, dashboard design. I have never done any other programming other than the Arduino ( Which i learnt how to do ).

Im trying to create something along the lines of this:

If anyone could help direct me to a few pointers on where to start reading on how to do this, or offer any advice that would be so much appreciated!


I had a look at these a while ago but didn't have my Arduino then, so thanks for reminding me. The gauges were written in Flash, so that is one option available. Another option is to use PHP and the GD library to build the images. Either way you are in for a learning curve.