arduino->flash, moving from win to linux problems

OK so long story short, I have a project that needs to run on the linux platform. I am using serial proxy and AS3. Everything runs exactly as expected on my windows based laptop, as soon as I copy the files over to the deployment linux box things get strange. I am trying to send numbers between 0-47, on windows no problem, on the linux machine my flash file is seeing those “box” characters I expect to see after my value when sending the empty byte (when using the arduino environment serial monitor). along with some other non common non english alphabetical ones. For different values I get different collections of characters, which i suppose is a good thing. I am guessing that there is some standard characterset for ?“encoding the bytes”? that changes when i jump onto ubuntu.

from what I gather using the readUTFBytes method … like such
var value:String = arduinoSocket.readUTFBytes(arduinoSocket.bytesAvailable);
is correct

i have tried converting using Number(…) and that returns a NaN to the string

on the arduino side i have tried sending using

Serial.print(thenumber); (where thenumber is an int = 36)

all followed by

can anyone shed any light on how I get around this problem? thanks for your help.

So this ended up being a really stupid oversight .... baud rates were different on the serial proxy config on the linux box than on the windows box ... big thanks to TJ McLeish for asking the question!