Arduino + flash no serial monitor

To start i’m sorry if this has been asked a thousand times already but i have searched the old information super highway for a while and have found no answer to it yet.

Basically i’m sending rfid tag id’s to flash from my arduino board (uno) via tinkerproxy. It all works fine when i have the serial monitor open and then run the flash file but as soon as i just run the flash file nothing is sent to flash. Is there a way to get the code on the arduino board to run without me having to open up the serial monitor in the ide?

Cheers. (sorry if i’m being a proper noob).

Looks complicated. Flash can only read network sockets? You have to gateway the serial port to a network connection.

Indeed, I believe thats what the tinkerproxy is doing. It all works as long as i have the adruino serial monitor open but this is not ideal for the eventual finished product and when i tried it out on a slightly slower computer more bites were dropped on transfer and led to the socket being closed. All in all it seems a bit unreliable and i think its to do with the serial monitor and tinkerproxy fighting over the same connection.

I think what i may have to do for this is ditch flash all together and use something like processing instead, unless anyone knows of a good workaround these issues?