arduino + flash

hi guys,
i’ve been looking for hours on the net trying to find a decent example of flash turning on/off an led.
i want a button on the screen that i can click on and turn the led on.
can someone point me in the right direction please?

Have you seen this?

i did, but i learn from working examples, sorry.... :-/

so here is a link to one of my course pages where i have a blink the led example using firmata for the arduino and as3glue library for flash. scroll all the way to the bottom under lecture fourteen. you will also have to use the tinker proxy or an equivalent. if this direction is ok for your purposes, i can help you set it up.

that’s exactly what i’ve been looking for!!
thanks man!!
i’ll give it a shot tomorrow and let you know how it goes.

i've loaded standard firmata on the board setup serproxy to where it says waiting for clients i ran the fla example from the site (along with numerous others) the script tells me to reboot the duino and i do..... no firmata version showing when i click my mouse no LED comes on but the RX led does.... any ideas? :-/

just needed to head over to the firmata page and download the latest firmata version. for some reason the bundled (0017) version didn't like it. now if i only knew how to code AS3..... :P

Hi petesavva I'm having the same problems as you.

Could you tell me what Firmata version you are running, the as3glue version, your serprox cfg, and your port speed on your computer?

Thank you!! I've been struggling with getting the arduino running with flash for a few days now :(

btw my other post is here:

i actually downloaded the beta version from the firmata site adn tried 2.1, works! serproxy settings, make sure u use cu and not tty for the usb port 5331 works easier with tinkerproxy tho. no setup nothing. run and play.

also, try funnel. there's the site with online flash examples. run it thru proxy and firmata and see how it goes. that's where i ran it first with the new firmata and saw it worked.

hope this helps. shoot me a pm if you need anything else.

i've gotten two scripts to work so far, button to LED and prox sensor. AS3 is on my home work now. it's more interesting to play with flash now, with "tactile" feedback 8-)

anyone have a working example of arduino + keylistener function?