im really new to this,i really need to get it working and im stuck with something im guessing pretty simple again:(

im trying to make flash cs4 communicate to arduino15 , nothing works, can someone please please please please please help me, im going crazy with it.

I went through so many explanation on how to do it, but i get stuck, something goes wrong, and i cant put my head around it, it just doesnt work.

there are no serial proxy buttons in arduino15, only serial monitor....and it seems to be the required thing to do.....

please help me with a solution to get around it...... :'(

im using mac os

Hi III, could you be a bit more specific as to what your problem is?

Right now, all the information we have received from you is that "it doesn't work", without any further clarification or information as to what you are doing to make it not work.

Also, have you taken a look at this:

I assume you have, but is that the particular "explanation" you are working with? Or something else you've found on the net?

You'll need to download a Mac Serial Proxy

And then configure it, then run it, then code the arduino and the flash app to send recieve serial data. And then you're good to go :)

hey:) thanx for a quick reply, so far i managed to figure out how to do this with arduino 13,

but i still have no idea how to get that network serial proxy icon to appear in arduino 15 as i said im really new to this, and i tried so many tutorials on this but still cant get it there,??? so ive downloaded the serproxy folder, as i understand i have to open the cfg file, but i dont understand whats next?

Execute the program :)

sorry it might be a really obvious thing but i still dont understand how????

so ive opened the cfg file in text edit, there is loads of text in there,

and ive opened the terminal thingy, so whats next??? :-?