Arduino + FON = really cheap wifi and lan?

Just watched the last podcast from hack5 and they where hacking a fon router. They mentioned that it got a serial port included, so i was wondering if it would make a real cheap ethernet and wifi connection for the arduino. i don't know how much they retail now, but i got mine for 5 Euro a few years ago. i don't have an arduino yet, so i can't try it. was just wondering of a FON could connect to it.

here is some more:



Yes, you can do it, but, since the only FONERA's serial port is used as a console, you need to disable this console (at least linux console) feature in your FONERA. Probaby you need to make sure that the connected device doesn't send anything to your FONERA when it is booting or you will get the PSPBOOT prompt and fatal things could happen.

Juan C.

Yes, We can do it. Please visit this Web page.

Arduino meets Processing via WiFi.

I've never seen a cheap wifi LAN Arduino before - very nice!

This is actually really a great project. Someone should make a library out of it and test it on a few other projects...

Interesting Kimio. You used serial port's console instead of serial port directly.

Using a router with 100+MHz CPU and several meg of memory as the network interface for a 20MHz AVR with several K of memory. I guess it makes sense if the costs works out appropriately, but ... the mind boggles.

I'm familiar with DDRWRT and OPENWRT as alternative linux routing packages that will run on many wireless routers, but less familiar with efforts at putting more general purpose linux SW on them. Does anyone have pointers?