Arduino for appliances. Software requirements for safety electrical certification (microprocessor checks)


My startup is developing a product based in Arduino, specifically in Arduino Nano with the microprocessor ATMega328P. Our product is an automatically convertible electronic table. The product is developed and works perfectly but the problem comes when we have to certify it in order to be able to sell it in Europe. Regarding the normatives, our product is categorized as an appliance so we have to comply with the standard IEC 60335 for appliances safety.

In this standard, it says that all the electronics circuits with programmable components (in this case the ATMega328P of the Arduino) has to comply with some software requirements. These software requirements are explained here

I've been talking with Microchip (they bought ATMEL, the manufacturer of the ATMega328P) and they say that they have libraries for some of their microprocessor to comply with this standard but not for the ATMega328P. They say that it can be done but I'd have to do it "manually", without the aid of a library.

Has anyone developed this code to comply with these requirements? I'd be very grateful if somebody could share it. If not but you know how to do it, I'd appreciate any help.

Thank you very much in advance.

Sure, How much are you paying!

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