Arduino for Autism

My toddler son, who is autistic, needed help with improving his fine motor skills.
Over the last year, I have developed, ZOTTZ, Z OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY TOOLZ.
Just got my first interrupt driven sketch manufactured and it's on eBay.

current shipping Arduino UNO based sketch utilizing MCP23017 for interrupt processing:

Evolution of this sensory tool to develop fine motor skills:

It is helping my son a great deal, and you can see the YouTube videos on the evolution of ZOTTZ.
I strongly believe real tangible tech can help children reverse regression.
Please contact me if you need help with your child develop fine motor skills.
ZOTTZ (tm)


ZOTTZ, theraputic electronics that are fun and develop life-skills for children with occupational therapy needs.

The engine of ZOTTZ is love. Love is the path to all healing.

Features of ZOTTZ, a development fueled by the love of a father for his toddler son:

Finger strength development--- two pencil grips

Grip strength development --- two grips, one side mounted for thumb pressure and one flat for wrist strength development.

Hand-eye coordination --scissors interface.

Scissors are the critical link to hand-eye coordination that is the cornerstone of fine motor skills. This development of hand-eye coodination can help a child find the path to independent life skills as an adult.