Arduino for Boe-Bot

I have been in the process of developing a AVR/Arduino 'Stamp', pin for pin compatible with the Basic Stamp BS2, such that it can be used on a Boe-Bot. I have more thoroughly outlined my motivations here:

My results on that site are not quite up to date - I have worked out a couple of kinks, corrected a couple of errors, and am finishing up a second board layout.

I am interested in assembly services, since my school will be ordering at least 35 of these. I have e-mailed the arduino development team, but they have yet to get back to me. Any recommendations? Is anyone else interested in this project?

I like the idea of a STAMP compatible Arduino, especially since the STAMP is so expensive.

Try re emailing the development team, I can imagine their inboxes get full very fast. ;)

For assembly services TonyD just clued me into Seeedstudio's service called Propaganda. I've not tried it yet, but it looks to be a pretty good deal. Here is what he wrote in another thread:

If you want to keep your PCB costs to the minimum try seeedstudio Propaganda service. Reading their website they'll share the cost of making the PCB. It'll cost you $30 for 5 boards and seeedstudio will sell the remaining boards from the batch for 7-9$ with minimal shipping cost. Sounds like a good deal.

I can make some pcb for you. Just post your updated file here if you are releasing the design as open source. The total is US $15.50 including shipping for 5 boards for prototyping. This is lower than the cost of making the pcb. I just want to help. If you are not releasing the design as open source, the price will be higher. This is the only condition.

You don't pay until you get the PCBs. Lead time: 10 business days or less to your hand.

What's the R1 for ? Can we use Max232 instead of the 3 transistors ?

PS: Specs 2 Layer 1.60mm FR4 Min. Tracing: 5mil Min. Spacing: 5mil Smallest Hole: 0.3mm Full Features: Surface Finish: HASL -Hot Air Solder Leveling Silkscreen Legend Color: White Copper Weight : 35 um Soldermask: Both Sides Soldermask Color: Green, Blue, or Red. Silkscreen Legend: both side Testing: Yes

wow, thanks, that's a great deal. I was actually looking for assembly service, though - that is, getting stuffed boards. I'm leaving my job soon, and I don't think anybody else there can do the assembly. Also, unless you have a legitimate looking website, I'm not sure if I could convince my boss to order from you. I DO need another prototype PCB, but I need it by friday, so I'll probably go with some other company for the prototypes.

I'm not really sure what R1 was for. It was in the BS2, so I included it. It's not stuffed in my working prototype, and not included in the revised PCB layout. I should be posting the updated version 2 layout soon, when I get word from my boss that it's ok. I'm not 100% how the IP rights work, since I'm on my school's payroll as I work on it...

The 2 transistor design works well. I really just need inversion, no level shifting, so it's more simple, lower power, smaller (I think), and cheaper (I think). I think it's the way to go.

Hi Hal, I am designing a through hole version of this AVR Stamp. The design will be open source as well. Can you double check your schematic? The board I am designing is a little bit longer on bother side. Can you tell me the measurement between pin 1(center) of the stamp to the edge of the Ecap on the BOE ? I want to figure out the max. length of the AVR Stamp. I need to use as much space as possible.

I think a through hole version is great for Students as well as DIYers. It is pin to pin compatible to the SMT version. The chip is on socket.

Features: - Most through hole components with a few big SMT parts for easy hand soldering - AVR Chip on socket for easy replacing - Small 0.020" (0.50mm)Pins, fit better on regular IC socket and Breadboard

Regarding the pcb business: We used to only take local order. Our website is not up for the public yet. It will be online accepting orders very soon. However I can send you our website address and paypal email address by pm. You can verify our company through PayPal. Best of all, you don't pay until you are satisfied. Remember, I just want to offer my help. The cost of the boards is over $15.50 for sure, not to mention adding the shipping. This is our way of promoting our business in a positive way that both of us can benefit. If your design is not open source, please let me know.