Arduino for car vibration/squeak locator?

Since my old car has vibration issues (even after "balancing" the tires) and has occasional random squeak issues, I am wondering if an Arduino-based project might be helpful to locate the culprit in these cases.

I would propose four sensor assemblies, each with an accelerometer and a microphone. Each of these would be attached with a clip to the areas of interest. I would then have cables between the sensor assemblies and the Arduino.

Since a tire at 60mph/100kph rotates at about 16Hz, it may be useful to only display frequencies between 10Hz and 20Hz. It may also be helpful to record less than a second of data, in order to provide a reasonably legible graph. The Arduino would be able to graph the relative acceleration and noise from the four sensor assemblies.

Is an Arduino a good architecture to implement this project?

I doubt that a microphone would be able to differentiate a squeak from road noise.


Good luck. The vibration of the car that’s natural will destroy your data and plan.

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