Arduino for closed loop motor control


  1. I hope this is the right place for this post because it more about general idea then specific question about arduino.

  2. The problem itself. I want to build something like a motor potentiometer for 10 turns. Something that I could command arduino to move into specific point or read the current position.
    2a. Is there something like this available so I would not invent a bike
    2b. the motor could be fairly small DC motor, really does not need a lot of power
    2c. The arduino ADC is only 10bit so I would get fairly low resolution for 10 turns. So rev 2 would need to use external ADC (bit first try I would like to keep it simple)
    2d. How would I connect the potentiometer to the motor shaft?

My background is purely software development so far the only arduino project that I have done was custom pointer device.... so any help is appreciated.

Thank You

Take a look it the forum & on googe for ALPS Motorised fader.
Is a small motor & pot.
Was just reading an article in Elektor magazine (free monthly magazine you can get at with an order), the article was talking about integratng this motorised slide fader with Winamp.

maybe a continuous servo motor or a stepper motor is what you are looking for.

Kaspar Kallas, can you tell us what your end-goal for this device is?

Are you wanting to measure a position; will the motor be actuating something that you want a precise position report for (like a servo)?

Or are you attempting to implement a digitally controlled potentiometer (for instance, to change a volume or amplitude level)?



Thank You for the suggestions

I need to turn a focus ring of a lens. But to make simple thing complicated I want to retain manual control over the lens as well. So under normal conditions I will get the position over Zigbee but when the lens the ring is manually moved then the zigbee controll will be ignored for 1 sec while the new position is sent back to the zigbee controller. After the second is passed a new check is made and if the radio position and actual position match then radio controll is restored.

The audio motorized pot would not work as it seems to be 1 turn only?
I have found some motorized pot's for 10 turns but cant find them in any catalogue that would ship to Poland.... So I think I will need to build my own strap for the motor and pot and find a good clutched connection.

Thank You