Arduino for commercial use

Hello everyone.

Is it possible to order an Arduino UNO circuit (of mine) on a board with no pins? Is there maybe another type of board like UNO but with no pins and removable parts in general? Is there maybe other choices?

I ask about no pins, no removable parts etc because i would like to have circuits which would be suitable for commercial use.

Any help please?

Thank you.


There are a number of vendors who offer Arduino-compatible bare PCBs in various configurations (and degrees of compatibility.) You have the "Really Bare Bones Board" from Modern Devices (which is pretty much the bare minimum you need to add to the chip to have a working system, but is not "shield shaped", through the Freeduino Bare boards offered by NKC Electronics (and there are flat-out clone vendors/pirates that sell bare boards via eBay.)

There are also assorted versions with "extra" stuff on them that may be interesting. Since the Arduino is open-source, you can also download the PCB design files, modify them as may be useful for your particular application (or not) and have your favorite PCB vendors make as many as you'd like...

Thank you for your answers.

@KE7GKP Exactly! Arduino UNO with some additional circuit (h-bridge, lcd, buttons).

The kits which you show me are very usefull but i would prefer a board where the basic Arduino UNO circuit is already printed, so to add only the extra circuit. Is there something like this?

p.s. @spycatcher2k Your proposal is also interesting but i would like to know about the price for a circuit like this.

I thought that your question was about the sub-circuits (how many elements etc). About the size of the board i think that 15 sq inches would be ok. We are talking about some quantity of copies, i dont know the exact number yet. Maybe 10 copies to start.

For a 15 square inch area I think I’d buy a big perfboard, some female headers, and a RBBB or BBB.
Put the female headers in the perfboard to make a socket to plug the RBBB/BBB into, and perfboard prototype away!
Alternatively it wouldn’t be difficult to put a 28pin socket on the perfboard either.

@Tilemachos, I have done just what Bobnova describes - put header pins on a Promini, installed socket pins on a perfboard and wirewrapped up my larger circuit. Would be easy to duplicate a couple of times, I've done 5 various versions. The last couple didn't use a promini (I ran out of them) but instead used the ATMega328 with crystal, 22 pf Caps, 10K reset resistor and 2 100nF caps on the power supply pins, stuck in wirewrap sockets. The wirewrap board is a velleman ECS1/2, 80mmx100mm. Can hold lots of ICs or a mix of components. The nice thing is, that is the same size PCB you can create with the Eagle Light free PCB software. You can also get 80x160, ECS1H I think. I have used that also and just cut it in half.

Be simple to go from there to a PCB once the design is firmed up.

(I used Promini's because I hadn't discovered the other low cost alternatives at the time I ordered them. And I didn't need USB interface in my working design, I just plugged a FTDI-Basic on to program them).