Arduino for electric bicycle

Hello everyone , I'm new here , I just started to work on Arduino and I immediately passed the various problems in turn led leds turn off etc .. I threw myself into the project a bit ' bigger but now I'm in trouble. I would use Arduino to replace an electric bicycle unit with brushless motor . which is divided into a first sketch to recognize all of the sensors and send a signal to an ESC, and the second to use Arduino sketch as ESC, and then pick up the signal from the first sketch. I found online both sketch but I find myself struggling to unite them , and since I'm breaking down a project a bit ' bigger and open I would insert in the first sketch additional switching to sensors such as sensor slope etc . does anyone know how to help me ? I'm using Arduino one, once I finished the project I would like to translate all about Arduino Mini to leave then the hardware space

A typical electric motor for a bicycle has enough power to amputate your fingers.

I would suggest that you start with a much smaller "sensored" motor such as those used for radio controlled "rock crawlers". The control principles are the same. Once you have mastered this you can upscale.

Unless you consider yourself to be knowledgable on AC motor theory then you should probably not attempt to do this all at once. If you have a functioning ESC then work on getting the first Arduino to do what you want and send the commands to the ESC.