Arduino for Fun Project Blog


I have started a little WordPress Blog to share my experience and my projects with Arduino. Please feel free to take a look and leave a comment if you want.

I have started the Blog a couple of days ago, so there is not that much in it so far, but I will update frequently with the progress I am making on my projects. Here is the Link to my Page:

Hope to "see" you there. :)

Hello all,

I have lately made quite some updates to my Arduino blog: Please check it out and leave a comment if you like.

I am specially looking for some MIT App Inventor tips on how to receive my weather station data properly.


It looks like you have a bunch of fun projects. Thanks for letting us know about your site.

I think there's a way to add some text (including a link) to the area under your IP address. You could add a link to your blog in this area so others can see it whenever you post on the forum.

Thanks for the information.

Check your spelling (there are many errors, which doesn't inspire confidence) and please, please, indent your code.

Hi all,

made some more updates on my Blog:

Check it out if you like.

And if you find some spelling errors feel free to keep them :)