Arduino for image processing

hi My team doing is a project on image processing with the help of MATLAB, my first guess was to go with a rasberry pi,but i need to a create a standalone device and our software part is all ready processed with the help of matlab, so we decided to stick to Arduinos, so i need help finding perfect image processing arduino with the name and configuration and the problems that i should look out for . AND also i read a persons thread regarding memory problems associated with it, but unfortunately not so much details. so expert advise please. thankyou.:)

Exactly what do you want to do with regard to image processing. How is the image going to be acquired? What resolution of image do you need? Is it colour or monochrome?

The Arduino is not well suited for these requirements and so there is little that has been done and documented. The Raspberry Pi is a much easier thing to use for this sort of thing and is a stand alone system.

Your best bet would be an Arduino Yun, which has two processors and is mainly a Linux box with an Arduino for the I/O. Guide to Setup Streaming Web Cam on the Yun;topicseen

If you are going to be using Matlab that implies the use of a PC, so why not do the image processing on a PC.

If you really need to do it on an Arduino I believe the Yun will run the Python PIL library.