Arduino for Industrial Application || 4-20mA || PWM and Communication with Cloud


I am working for one of my IIOT project where I have few requirements for data collection and data transmission.

Data Collection:

  • 4-20mA transmitter Reading to Arduino or Via any other module to arduino
  • PWM signal to Arduino or Via any other module to arduino
  • ON/OFF signal to Arduino

Data Transmission:

  • All this data transmit to cloud via GPRS

I am new to arduino and wanted to get some solution as proposed above.
Please provide some direction/suggestion regarding same. It will be highly appreciated.


What is the source of those inputs?


The output of the proximity sensor is not PWM (PWM has 'square' pulses). It's analog signal which can be read with analog port (some circuit for amplifying and/or correction may be necessary).

The transducer datasheet states, it can output 1-5V so it can be read with analog port of a 5 V Arduino.

Is it wise to consider using an Arduino for an industrial application? They are really intended for hobby applications.

  • How reliable does the system need to be?
  • Who will be responsible for maintaining it?

And, if this is a commercial application it does not seem to be fair to expect free advice.

Finally, what is the project?


Hello Robin,

Yes. We are looking forward for IIOT(Industrial IOT) and Arduino is one of the option for expected solution.

As Arduino is open source platform, it is just to get information about the possibility. IOT along with Arduinois good to work with thinger. Thats why it is posted here. Not for free advice. Sorry for that.

Ofcourse, our solution will be commercial solution but we are also exploring option with Siemens mindsphere and other competitors.

Project is regarding collecting flow data of different water distribution centers which are scattered in diameter of 100 kms.

Hi Juraj,

Thanks for your feedback. I will test it soon. If i required further help then i will post here.


Ofcourse, our solution will be commercial solution

Other contributors here may well have a different view but I don't like the idea of someone making profit from my free time. But I do appreciate that you have been honest about it.