arduino for led case modding

Hi everybody. I want to control a rgb-led stripe for my PC-- case. Ideally like this manufacturer does: According to the slides (just wait some time for the close-up of the arduino): It seems to me like it works by utilizing digital outputs of the arduino mini pro. But I don't get how! I have a 12V RGB stripe with common anode. But I can't find a tutorial to drive it without any additional electronic. Can someone please guide me in the right direction ?

Thx Paul

your not going to drive it without additional electronics, arduino is a 5v max device with limited current capabilities, honestly no microcontroller will be able to direct drive something like that


gather the specs of what your driving (voltage - done, current - ?, color count - ?, interface - ?)

and people can help you

As Osgeld says, you need more than just the Arduino.

Check this site:

If you only want to control the 3 colors you don't need the stuff at the bottom of the diagram, just the ULN2003 and a powersupply that matches your LED strips requirements.

ok thx guys for the link. interest reading