Arduino for QA testing?

Hello every one.

I have read a ton of material on controlling stepper motors using Arduino and a lot on using Arduino for other devices but I cant seem to find any info on using both stepper motors and relays together.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I have a modular piece of equipment that is made up of six parts all connected together in a line. I would like to use Arduino to control three stepper motors to preform simple tasks and three relays in order to turn on and off devices so that I can QA test this modular piece of equipment.

I know it sound pretty straight forward but here's the kicker. I would to have these six items(stepper motors and relays) do their work at the same time. And also make it modular so that one day I might need only three devices running for a QA test (two steppers and one relay) or on another day just two steppers etc..

Would this be incredibly complicated? It been 25 years since my last C++ class. Of course I could re-learn it or is there any software out there that could facilitate the modular functionality that I'm looking for?

Any tips on what I would need as far as which Arduino and any thing for that matter on direction or software would be incredibly helpful and much appreciated. I'm ready to dive in. :smiley:

The best Arduino to start with is the UNO.

Controlling steppers and relays simultaneously is usually easy. Are you sure you need steppers? Often servos are better, particularly if you're simulating a person pushing a button to test the button.

Work through whatever Arduino examples seem interesting to you. Get an LED to blink, make it switch a relay etc. Then move on to the "blink without delay" example because that technique is going to be absolutely necessary for your project.