Arduino for scalp temperature and scalp oximetry


I am looking to use arduino to monitor scalp oximetry and scalp temperature. I am also interested in adding a microphone and photo-resistor as addtional inputs too. I want to be able to send the data via bluetooth.

I am new to ardunio, I was wondering what product would be best for this project?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Are you sure that you want to measure hair temperature? I use an oximeter for fingers, maybe suitable for ears as well. Dunno which sensor is inside, though.

Hair was not mentioned by the OP. :roll_eyes:

The persons of interest to him generally have minimal or no hair. :astonished:

Almost all surface oximeters use dual colour LED and photo-diode sensors. A clever trick is to connect the LEDs back-to-back, sharing two wires.