Arduino for Teens Book

Has anyone read Arduino for Teens? I started a beginner projects book, and I am about to finish it. I am thinking about reading Arduino for Teens book next.

I got an Arduino for Teens book that is signed by the author, WOOT. :o

I was also thinking about getting The Art of Electronics, but I think it might be too advanced.

A lot of folks read it when it was first published, we received many nice comments here in the forum on it.
If we signed it, that was a while ago.

Art of Electronics is, I think, more of a reference than a teach-me book. Not exactly the kind of book one would work through from front to back. I got the 3rd ed for my daughter who is a mechatronics undergrad.

It's not cheap... but I doubt if there's any point buying a second hand 2nd ed since that was published 30 odd years ago.

Only the first books were signed?

You might want to check out "Practical Electronics for Inventors" - much less expensive than the "Art of Electronics" (which is a great book - I still have the second edition). Amazon carries it HERE (I have a copy of that too. some good info in there)