Arduino For Teens - My New Book is out!

"Arduino for Teens" is finally released!

Are you interested in building an interactive toy, automated artwork, or robot and have no idea where to start? Or do you want to control a holiday light display? Are you new to microcontrollers or electronics in general? These projects are made from smaller, simpler pieces like those presented here. Your imagination is the only limit once you have gained experience with your Arduino, sensors, and motors. Designed for students, artists, and other nonengineers, the Arduino provides an inexpensive, beginner-friendly microcontroller platform. This book will help you translate your idea into a successful project using the Arduino for control. Written especially for new users, ARDUINO FOR TEENS shows you how to put this capable little microcontroller to work! This book will open up the world of automation to you in new and exciting ways as you explore the Arduino's capabilities. Step-by-step, you'll be guided through: understanding your new Arduino and its capabilities, converting your idea into an achievable Arduino project, connecting your Arduino to the outside world using example circuits, using the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to write and download programs, writing software to control your project using example programs, debugging your project and making it work, and selecting your next (or first) project.

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I ordered TWO of the books just now... One for myself to use here in Alamos, Sonora, Mexico...and one as a gift for Daniel Hernandez (also here in the Fórums) to use in Arduino classes in Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico. Can't wait to dig into them.

(Hey, maybe Daniel would be interested in translating this book into Spanish for you....)

BTW, my wife and I are from the Capital District Región in Upstate New York (North Greenbush).... Very familiar with RPI!!


Robert, congratulations, I hope the book is a big success! There is no group I'd rather see get excited about Arduino than teenagers.

Thanks guys. I'll have to ask the publisher about translated copies.

Well done, Bob! Publishing a book is a marathon, taking dedication, focus and stamina.

I also admire your raw ambition. Teens? I would have started with "Men under 50."


Congratulations! a book is a hell of a project.

Also available in Europe - -

Is there a preview of the TOC available?

TOC beside what is on the Amazon page?
Introduction. 1. Meet the Family. 2. The Tools of the Trade. 3. From Idea to Project. 4. A Guided Tour of Your New Arduino. 5.To Cookbook or Not to Cookbook. 6.How to Read Specification Sheets. 7. Input and Output. 8.Programming Environments. 9.Writing the Code. 10.Downloading Your Program. 11. Debugging. 12.Bragging Rights and Pleas for Help. 13. Expanding Your Horizons with Shields. 14. Application Ideas. Appendix A - Programming Reference. Appendix B - Where to Buy. Appendix C - Project Ideas. Appendix D - Specification Sheet.

The actual TOC is 9 pages long, with 12-15 and more sections per Chapter.

I just noticed that you have published a book Crossroads. Congratulations on a job well done and I wish you much success (imagine much hand clapping 8) )

Thanks Pedro. I was not able to log-in when you posted, sorry for late response.

Amazon has updated the info on Arduino For Teens. The complete Table of Contents is now posted.

And it is apparently available on Kindle now too!

That's good, and it was very remiss of me not to include "Mrs Crossroads" as I see she also partook in producing it 8)

Just caught up with this. Congratulations Robert - I know what it takes to write a book. In the middle of two myself.

For teens?

You have anything going for the mental capacity of a 11yo? My wife could learn then ]:smiley:

But seriously though, nice!

Thanks to all you of you. My wife did most of the writing, I did the schematics, code examples, and maintained technical correctness of stuff. Full time job, moderator, fencing coach, and custom designing kept me from writing very much. She has the MSEE and had spent a lot more time working with teens on other technical fronts, while my BSEE and total impatience with writing needed a lot of "tweaking" to maintain the book's overall style 8)

My order placed with local bookshop.....

Is it here yet? Jeez, what's taking so long...

Its out on Kindle too - no need to wait for paper copy.
I don't enjoy reading that way tho. No place to add notes!

Its out on Kindle too - no need to wait for paper copy.
I don't enjoy reading that way tho. No place to add notes!

Or make earmarks :wink:

Recently the Scientific American had an article about the differences in experience when reading from e-reader vs paper copy.
The paper one stimulated the brain significantly more, due to the physical properties of the book e.g. the navigational part of the brain was stimulated more. Was an very interesting read (on a paper version of the SA :wink:

Btw Bob, what is it that makes this a book specifically aimed at teens, not oldsters like myself, who started uni in 1974....

My wife participated for several years, taking over for me when she retired from work and I ran out of time, in our local school with 6th & 7th graders in a program called DELVE (Discover - Explore - Learn - Visit - Expand):
"D.E.L.V.E. - Grades 4-7 - An enrichment program offered during students’ lunch periods covering a wide variety of topics including Writers’ Workshops, journalism, Future Problem Solvers, history, literature & geography. In addition, 6th and 7th grade students are offered physics and robotics courses where they are paired with professional engineers as mentors."
So the book was written with the thought that these kids would continue programming and move into something beyond Lego Robotics. We also teach fencing classes to similar age kids, so the language was geared more to that level. At the same time, one of my brothers 3 years younger than I, is reading the book and called me up to ask if we had meant some of the stuff to come across as funny, or was it just his sense of humor? It was meant to behumorous, yet still quite technically correct in what was being presented, because as engineers we couldn't do any less.
So I think it will cover any age range. My 18 year old son was the Teen Reviewer for the book, he's at college now for engineering, and we didn't write it to be dumbed-down and bore him to death as a reviewer, so it's more like a upper high school pre-engineering level quasi-text book, but with humorous language.

Sounds like it'll be right up my street then....

My daughter's 17, been dabbling in Arduino, but very busy at school (grade 11), largely since she chose art which is ridiculously time consuming, over and above AP Maths. So year after next she'll be off to uni too for engineering, or perhaps an apprenticeship as a millwright. She job shadows and might get a holiday job at a local industrial robot outfit: part of an international group with presence in Japan, Europe (esp Germany) and the US.

I We can't wait to get you book in hand...

Looks great! I'm excited to order it! Does it include a lot about general electronics as well as Arduino? (e.g. if you're going to do Arduino projects, things you should know about resistors, capacitors, relays, wiring, etc)