Arduino form-factor ESP32 ethernet boards?

I have developed some code that works perfectly on a ESP32 dev board, but I now have to find a way to move to arduino form-factor so I can connect it to another device.

I considered using a Yun for this task but it would involve re-writing code at every layer of the project - I found the Yun to be overly complex and sightly slow for our automation needs.

I also considered using an Arduino with a ethernet shield, but with the shield everything is too large.

I considered using an ESP8266 ESPduino 32 but they have added a USB type B connector right where the Ethernet connector should be. So that can't be used either.

I need to use a ESP32 in place of the Arduino but can not find a solution.

Does anyone know of a source where I can get an ESP32 on an Arduino form-factor board with an Ethernet connector?

Why would you ever want an Ethernet connector when you have WiFi already?

These two controllers are so totally different that making it into an Uno form factor just doesn't make sense. It will NEVER be compatible with all shields. Sometimes, maybe, if you're lucky. WeMOS tried the same before with the ESP8266. It was a disaster. Just the fact that it looks like an Uno is more than misleading enough to cause way more problems (many) than it could ever solve (approximately none).

It looks like there is more information about @megaBlocks' application and requirements in the parallel thread: