Arduino Forum

When is the Arduino Forum going to get its own header instead of the YaBB 2.2.3 logo ? Isn’t it about time?

It is!

I would put that pretty low down the list of things I would want the Arduino team to devote time to :wink:

Exactly !

It is about time to update to YaBB 2.4 and bring back the quote button and other useful things. I really don’t understand why people spend so much time with developing new products and fixing code and writing tutorials and documentation. Other businesses manage just fine selling the same crap over and over again.

I hereby demand an initiative for the development of the RETRODUINO ™.

The following features should be mandatory:

  • no auto reset.
  • hex files will be translated to morse code, read by a text to speech synthesizer with an unpleasant voice (preferably female, like a typical mother in law or former primary school teacher).
  • code is ‘uploaded’ by the user using the RETROMORSE ™ button (available for just 69.99$).
  • standard clock frequency of 1kHz.
  • turbo boost mode: 2kHz. This will disable all visual outputs (light bulb 13).
  • all connectors will be banana plugs.
  • voltage regulation using a finely tuned spark gap and low pass filters.

add-ons & upgrades:

  • optional generator wheel for autonomous projects (hamster not included, parental supervision advised).
  • punch card reader for zippy uploads.
  • DOUBLE YOUR RAM ™ module. Upgrade to 32 bytes with this magnetic core memory card.

I’m sure there is someone who is not part of the Arduino team that would be happy to do this for them.

LOL, just give me root access to the webserver and the YaBB admin password :slight_smile:

Updating to YaBB 2.4 is quite simple.
I just updated an old YaBB 2.1 forum I ran for a class reunion and it worked quite smoothly.