Arduino Freezes, gets stuck in a loop and stops sending/receiving data.

Hi guys, I’m working on a simple project, I just want to control heaters using the SHT31dD Adafruit sensors, and display this data to a LCD screen, and depending on the user input, the thresholds needs to adjust.

Everything seemingly works fine, but after a while, the Arduino freezes and my data stops transmitting. I can also see that the serial monitor stops displaying its output and my heaters go haywire.

I’ve initially thought that it was a buffer overflow, but I determined the correct value and all is working fine.

I suspect the problem may lay with my variable initialization and my usage of the dtostrf function.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m new to using the forum.

#include "DEV_Config.h"
#include "LCD_Driver.h"
#include "LCD_GUI.h"
#include <Arduino.h>
#include <Wire.h>
#include "Adafruit_SHT31.h"
#include <avr/wht.h>

float t1 = 0;
float t2 = 0;
float temp = 0;
float h1 = 0;
float h2 = 0;
float humidity = 0;

Adafruit_SHT31 sht31a = Adafruit_SHT31();
Adafruit_SHT31 sht31b = Adafruit_SHT31();

const int up = 17;                                                        /*Knoppies*/
const int down = 18;
const int left = 16;
const int right = 19;
const int settings = 14;
const int enter = 15;

const int heater_left = 23;                                               /*Fans en Heaters*/
const int heater_right = 27;
const int extractor_left = 31;
const int left_heater_fan = 35;
const int right_heater_fan = 39;
const int extractor_right = 43;

static int SetPoint = 20;

void setup()

  pinMode(up, INPUT);
  pinMode(down, INPUT);
  pinMode(left, INPUT);
  pinMode(right, INPUT);
  pinMode(settings, INPUT);
  pinMode(enter, INPUT);

  pinMode(heater_left, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(heater_right, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(extractor_left, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(left_heater_fan, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(right_heater_fan, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(extractor_right, OUTPUT);

  digitalWrite(up, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(down, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(left, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(right, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(settings, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(enter, HIGH);

  digitalWrite(heater_right, LOW);
  digitalWrite(heater_left, LOW);
  digitalWrite(extractor_left, LOW);
  digitalWrite(left_heater_fan, LOW);
  digitalWrite(right_heater_fan, LOW);
  digitalWrite(extractor_right, LOW);

  LCD_Init( Lcd_ScanDir, 100);

  GUI_DisString_EN(75, 35, "Precision Incubators", &Font24, LCD_BACKGROUND, WHITE);
  GUI_DisString_EN(50, 75, "Innovative Heating Control", &Font20, LCD_BACKGROUND, WHITE);

  GUI_DisString_EN(25, 130, "Current Temperature:", &Font20, LCD_BACKGROUND, WHITE);
  GUI_DisString_EN(440, 130, "*C", &Font20, LCD_BACKGROUND, WHITE);

  GUI_DisString_EN(25, 165, "Humidity:", &Font20, LCD_BACKGROUND, WHITE);
  GUI_DisString_EN(440, 165, "%", &Font20, LCD_BACKGROUND, WHITE);

  GUI_DisString_EN(125, 215, "Setpoint:", &Font20, LCD_BACKGROUND, WHITE);
  GUI_DisString_EN(360, 215, "*C", &Font20, LCD_BACKGROUND, WHITE);
  GUI_DisNum(310, 215, SetPoint, &Font20, LCD_BACKGROUND, WHITE); /*Displays Setpoint*/


void loop()

    if (digitalRead(up) == LOW)
      if (SetPoint < 40)
        LCD_SetArealColor(310, 215, 360, 240, BLACK);
        GUI_DisNum(310, 215, SetPoint, &Font20, LCD_BACKGROUND, WHITE);

    if (digitalRead(down) == LOW)
      if (SetPoint > 20)
        LCD_SetArealColor(310, 215, 360, 240, BLACK);
        GUI_DisNum(310, 215, SetPoint, &Font20, LCD_BACKGROUND, WHITE);


    char string_t1[8];
    t1 = sht31a.readTemperature();
    dtostrf(t1, 5, 2, string_t1);

    char string_h1[8];
    h1 = sht31a.readHumidity();                                             /*Calculating Humidity*/
    dtostrf(h1, 5, 2, string_h1);                                                 /*Humidity Left*/

    char string_t2[8];
    t2 = sht31b.readTemperature();                                          /*Calculating Temperature*/
    dtostrf(t2, 5, 2, string_t2);                                                 /*Temp Right*/

    char string_h2[8];
    h2 = sht31b.readHumidity();                                             /*Calculating Humidity*/
    dtostrf(h2, 5, 2, string_h2);                                                 /*Humidity Right*/

    char string_temp[8];
    temp = (t1 + t2) / 2;
    dtostrf(temp, 5, 2, string_temp);                                             /*Average Temp*/

    char string_humidity[8];
    humidity = (h1 + h2) / 2;
    dtostrf(humidity, 5, 2, string_humidity);                                     /*Average Humidity*/

    GUI_DisString_EN(320, 130, string_temp, &Font20, LCD_BACKGROUND, WHITE);      /*Displays final readings*/
    GUI_DisString_EN(320, 165, string_humidity, &Font20, LCD_BACKGROUND, WHITE);

    if (temp > SetPoint)
      digitalWrite(heater_right, LOW);
      digitalWrite(heater_left, LOW);
      digitalWrite(extractor_left, HIGH);
      digitalWrite(left_heater_fan, LOW);
      digitalWrite(right_heater_fan, LOW);
      digitalWrite(extractor_right, HIGH);
      digitalWrite(heater_right, HIGH);
      digitalWrite(heater_left, HIGH);
      digitalWrite(extractor_left, HIGH);
      digitalWrite(left_heater_fan, HIGH);
      digitalWrite(right_heater_fan, HIGH);
      digitalWrite(extractor_right, HIGH);
    LCD_SetArealColor(320, 130, 400, 190, BLACK); /*Refreshes Screen*/

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