Arduino Freezes When Opening Sketch

I installed arduino IDE in order to compile a new firmware for my HICTOP 3DP-11 printer. After opening arduino and navigating to file->open sketch I get the navigation to allow me to browse to the base firmware I downloaded off of GitHub, but this is where arduino freezes. I am not able to navigate or do anything else. I can't close arduino or the open dialogue box, the program is frozen. I have tried opening task master and closing the program that way, but I am not seeing anything to close in task master.

Thinking I had an issue with the install, I deleted the software and then reinstalled, but the same thing happened. I am using the windows installer and loading onto windows 10. The only way to close arduino is to reboot my computer. Any thoughts on what I need to do in order to be able to use arduino to compile my new firmware?

Post a link to the download for the firmware. Please use the chain links icon on the toolbar to make it clickable.

Here is what I am trying to open

The issue however is I can't ever get to this point. I open arduino and try to open the file, but as soon as I click file -> open the software freezes. I never get a chance to navigate to any file to actually try and open the software.

Please provide an exact set of steps to reproduce the problem.

I installed software. I then opened software. I then click file, then open sketch and this is where everything hangs up. As soon as the window pops up that allows me to browse to a file, the arduino IDE freezes.

I did try one thing. I opened the marlin.ino file in the software that I downloaded from GitHub and this opened fine and I am changing the configuration.h file. I am getting ready to compile now so I will know if I have any issues shortly.

OK, I had initially been confused thinking it was something specific to opening the file but now I understand you never even got that far. I'm glad you found a workaround and thanks for reporting it here. However, I'm guessing you would also like to get File > Open working for future use.

I just stumbled across a report of a similar issue:

which is related to the use of Windows 10 "God Mode".

Which version of the Arduino IDE are you using? I believe that the fix for this issue has made it into one of the releases after 1.8.3 but I'm not certain of that.