Arduino FTDI problem

I have a problem with my FTDI-chip on my arduino. I can’t get it to communicate with anything. I´ve have been trying to get it to work for some weeks now. But today i found something out. I saw that two pins were connected on my Arduino. Look at the attached picture.

What i can see the pins I think are:

Puts the device into IC test mode. Must be tied to GND for normal operation,
otherwise the device will appear to fail.

Device analogue ground supply for internal clock multiplier

If these two are connected does it really matters? Because the AGND is GND and shouldn’t set the test pin. The problem here is that i don´t have any test equipment so I can´t measure anything right now.

Would really need some help,

Best regards,


Not a problem. If you look carefully at the very end of those two pins you will see they solder to the same ground plane. Pins 25 and 26 are both to be grounded for normal operation.


You could test the FTDI by removing the Atmega from its socket and jumpering the TX & RX pins. You should get an echo back of anything you send out with the serial monitor.