arduino function generator help


i working on a project that is a function generator based on arduino and a AD9833 DDS chip to generate sin or rectangle or riangular wave and control the amplitude and the offset with the arduino nod potentiometer is needed.
is there is any idea you can help me with how to control the amplitude and the ofsset digital with the arduino, also due to the current situation i don't have acces to the lab so is there is any program to simulate the arduino and the dds chip

thank you

Does the unnamed DDS chip not have amplitude control?
How about an external digital potentiometer?

i have edited the post the chip is AD9833 DDS IC and i can use whatever external part or ic to control the amplitude and the offset, thank you i havn't think about a digital potentiometer because i have used a normal potentiometer with an op amp to create an amplifer, also do you have any idea about the SNR of the AD9833 DDS because i need a low noise signal, the signal that will be generated with my arduino signal generated will be amplified X1000 times with TREK MODEL 609B-3 high voltage amplifie, my frequency range is from 0 up to 5kHZ

thank you

Here is a useful DIY article for that chip:

The AD9833 data sheet states the SNR and THD. The output has only 10 bits of resolution, so about 1 part in 1000 is guaranteed to be noise.

any suggestion is there any dds chip with low noise

Take your pick. Unfortunately "low noise" is not part of the selection criteria.

Maybe you should start by picking those with highest output resolution (14-bit) and go from there.

i have found that the SNR in ad9833 is enough for me now my problem is how to control the offset with a step of 0.1V digitally all with the code