Arduino functions for Delat printer kinematic

Hi all,

I am looking for some arduino functions which would be able to calculate the delta printer kinematic. In the beginning there would be provided all needed parameters like:

carriage offset, arm length, radius, effector offset, initial arm angle.

Then there could be function to which x, y, z position will be given. The result of that function should be ideally the distance of all 3 carriages from top of the tower.

Any help will be appreciated.

Currently I found some usefull documentation and links and going through it, but as I am not that good in math I am not sure if I will be able to create such functions in arduino. :o

Thanks for your help.

Did you google delta printer kinematic arduino

Tom… :slight_smile:

Yes I tried google it :slight_smile: I was not able to somehow take into account the offset. But now I found usefull document here. Now it should be easier.

I created basic Arduino code for the Delta 3D printer move but still not working correctly. Is there anybody who could check the code and make correction? Problem should be with the part where all movements are splited into small lines to be able to correctly calculate the move on the towers as it is not a linear move.

The code is waiting on the Serial port for comming GCODE. For now only moves in x, y, z GCODE is supported there for testing. You can use simple commands like G01 X150.0 Y150.0; or G01 Z10.0; etc.

I am using cheap steppers 28BYJ-48. That is why I use the Unistep2 library and trying to create this code.

As the code was too big to paste it directly to Code tags here I add attachment.

Any help will be appreciated.

delta_kinematic_2.ino (9.12 KB)