Arduino + futaba display (Serial SPI 3-wire SISO)


I am trying to interface with a Futaba VFD display (NA402SD10AA). The device uses the Strobe (STB) control signal, Serial Clock (SCK) input, and Serial I/O (SI/SO) line to transfer information.

They also stated the following:

"The modules are designed to be directly compatible with industry standard liquid crystal display (LCD) modules that utilize the Hitachi HD44780U LCD controller/driver"

I am not quite sure what pins to use on the Duemilanove? Standard SPI pin should work? SPI: 10 (SS), 11 (MOSI), 12 (MISO), 13 (SCK). It is not clear what kind of SPI is supported in

or the serial Library?

thanx for your help/pointer

That's not a Motorola-style SPI: it's more like I2C, but it's not real I2C, either.

It's similar to a shift register, so you can modify that code to run it. Or, if you have pins to spare, you can change the jumpers on the board and connect it up as a 4-bot or 8-bit parallel interface just like an LCD.


I think the 4bit LCD would be a good option. I guess it is going to be faster as well than a serial interface?

Anyway know what will be the fastest interface?

standard 4Bit LCD or Synchronous Serial?