Arduino + Futaba MDM166A VFD

Recieved my Arduino Uno board yesterday and started to work on connecting a VFD that I have laying around. I'm trying to get this VFD connected to the Arduino but have no idea on where to connect 2 pins. These are the D+ and D- pins. Here is a link to the pdf with all the info available on this VFD.

I tried to connect it to a sensor shield v4 with the 4 pin connector. It starts and the display's outputting a default message 'power on'. That is how far I get. The problem now is, where to connect the other 2 pins and how do I send commands to the VFD (all commands are explained in the pdf).

I hope that somebody is able to help me pointing me in the right direction.

The display sinks up to 370 mA (all pixels and symbols active) and requests 500 mA over the USB

The Arduino will not supply that much current.

What if I use an external power supply (12V) ?