Arduino + GA628 Text LCD


I just received my Arduino Duemilanove, and while I’m waiting for the components I need to build a high power H-Bridge (got a robot project in the works…), I thought I could play with some junk I have…

I have an old Ericsson GA628 phone and it happens to have a nice tiny text based LCD.

Now, my question is (I’m a total newbie so bear with me): is there an easy way to connect this LCD to my Arduino? Any hints? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!


Here's the LCD's pinout:

And here a guy's project with it:

C'mon... is it really so hard to answer and help me? :)

Any hint would be more than welcome!



I don't see anywhere in that "project" link that there was an Arduino involved. You have a link to the pinout for the LCD. Hook it up following the pinout, and see what happens.

I never said that guy's project was arduino based, but I posted it because I thought it might help someone with more knowledge help me out. I guess there ARE similarities when connecting an LCD to any microcontroller, right? :)

As for connecting the LCD according to the pinout...

pin1 Vlcd (+5.6V) pin2 Gnd pin3 Vlogic (+2.8V) pin4 Vlogic (POR) pin5 Sdata (i2c) pin6 Sclk (i2c)

Ok, pin1 can probably go to the 2009's +5V (I suppose it's enough), pin2 ground, got it... now, problems start with the other pins... I guess pin3 should be a digital pin, but they're 5V, so I'd need to regulate it somehow. As for the i2c pins, I have no clue what to do...

So, that's where I am right now, anyone helping me move at least a step forward will earn my eternal gratitude :)



You'll need a voltage divider between the Arduino pin and pin 3:

Arduino pin ---- --/\/\/\/-- + --/\/\/\/-- --> gnd | pin 3 4.7K resistors on each side will give 2.5V to pin 3, which should be enough.

Not sure what pin 4 is for. Pin 5 and 6 are connected to Arduino digital pins, and are part of I2C. If you don't know what I2C is, google it.

Basically, you are going to send it commands and data, on the data pin, after setting the clock pin. Then reset the clock pin to end transmission. The LCD knows what to do with the commands and data.

You do know what commands to send it to do what, right?

Ok, got it... I'll read up about I2C and it's use with Arduino (as far as I know, it's a kind of communication protocol... correct?).

I have absolutely no idea abou the commands, but I guess that I'll find it out by reading about 12C and experimentig a bit :) Isn't that the real meaning of tinkering? ;)



I have absolutely no idea abou the commands, but I guess that I’ll find it out by reading about 12C and experimentig a bit

More like experimenting a lot. Or, read the data sheet. The commands should be documented.