Arduino Game System

It only contains two games yet and it is in test mode (8x8 matrix). Feedback apreciated.


Update 25.05.2010 at 18:52:29 'The third' game added :) Waiting for some responses... It's something like Dance Dance Revolution, but with fingers :) But i have to add better Score display :) It will be lil bit later 8-)

Looks so cool....only i dont have an RGB matrix so getting 2 colors is going to be difficult

Nicely done!

I love these 8 by 8 games :slight_smile: It’s on my todo-list as well. I was thinking maybe a maze game of some sort.

pracas: I don’t see any blue there?

Yeah I only have single colour matrices too but it wouldn't be too hard to tell where the ball was on one colour. It has been done already :)


thanks everyone for replies ;)

yep :) all these games are available in one color matrix :) i have one idea after reading this forum i'll try to make it asap :)

and it's done :) check the first post :o)

Finger DDR - I like it!