Arduino Gearmotor

I'm a complete and utter noob when it comes to Arduino, engineering, and computer programming. But i'm slowly learning so please bear with me. ^^ Anyway, I disassembled the gear motor that came with the DAGU doodlebot kit, and found that it was missing a couple of teeth :/. And I want to understand exactly what that does when it comes to preventing the gear motor from function properly? Also, I plan on getting another gear motor, and was told there's a way to test it by using a paper clip? If you guys don't mind, can you explain these questions for me, thank you.

Missing teeth mean that when the gears get to that point on the gearwheel it has nothing to engage and move/turn it any further and its is a DEAD SPOT or NULL.

No idea what sort of motor it is exactly as the DAGU kit is not an ARDUINO kit so better to ask wherever you got that info from.

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