Arduino Gemma Bootloader Source Code

I see the .hex file for the Arduino Gemma Bootloader is here, where can I find the source?

Thanks, but that's the code for the Adafruit Gemma bootloader, not the Arduino Gemma bootloader. The Arduino Gemma bootloader has different USB IDs at a minimum, and possibly more changes which I'd like to see.

OK, I didn't realize they were different. I just looked at the Arduino 1.6.4 distribution and noticed the source code wasn't there either, even though it was there for all the other bootloaders. Maybe it's proprietary?

The bootloader uses GPL code, so it can't be proprietary. Hopefully it's just an oversight and Arduino will publish the source when they realize the mistake.

The bootloader uses GPL code

How do you know ? :slight_smile:
(In particular, VUSB has commercial licenses you can purchase. V-USB - Licensing)

I'd expect that it is exactly the Adafruit code except for the VID/PID, and maybe VUSB and compiler version.
The Arduino team has never done much with bootloader development.

You're right, I don't know :slight_smile:

I "strongly suspect" they're using GPL code. I don't know this forum well enough, am I likely to get an answer from someone on the Arduino team here, or should I contact them through email?

am I likely to get an answer from someone on the Arduino team here

Probably not.

I've created

The VUSB license page mentions "as long as you don’t get into the Big Business (less than about 10,000 units)."
I wonder if they're required to have a license that doesn't permit them to distribute source?
(stretching. It's probably just an oversight.)

Issue closed, mystery solved:
"The Arduino Gemma Bootloader is based on the Adafruit Trinket/Gemma Bootloader. In the Arduino Gemma bootloader the USB VID&PID, the Manufacturer name and the Device name parameters are changed."

That was quick! Thanks for posting the issue.