Arduino Genuino 101 doesn't communicate anymore

Hi guys,

Would really appreciate some help! I've done some googeling on this but haven't found something that works yet. I'm quite new to the Arduino platform and I've run into a problem. Before this it worked fine, but now my Arduino Genuino 101 has problems communicating. I'm on a mac with OS Mojave. The code is really simple at this point so I don't think there is something wrong with that part, and it also worked before this. I've tried both on the desktop application and on the Arduino editor online. I've installed the plugin for safari so it starts of just fine it seems like, but the same stage seems to be failing. I'm using Neopixels, but don't think that should be part of the problem.

When online, the editor gives the following text:

Executing command: exit status 1

Starting download script...

Serial Port: /dev/cu.usbmodem14101

BIN FILE /var/folders/qb/64w5vrg51r5424lwj4q00zl40000gn/T/arduino-create-agent692554785/sketch_dec13a.bin

Waiting for device...

exec: not started

When on the desktop app:

Starting download script... Flashing is taking longer than expected Try pressing MASTER_RESET button

Obviously tried pressing the master reset button and disconnected/reconnected the usb several times. The port I'm using is called "/dev/cu.modem14101 (Arduino/Genuino 101)" or "Arduino/Genuino 101 at /dev/cu.usbmodem14101" when online.

Any ideas on what the problem may be?