Arduino gets front-page feature in Australian "Silicon Chip" magazine

The Arduino features on the front page of the January 2012 issue of Silicon Chip. Most of their projects over recent years have featured Microchip processors, and I have never seen an Arduino “in a shop” here, so it is nice to see the Arduino getting more publicity.

With a bit of luck the message will get out a bit more widely in Australia, about this great development system, and the friendly and helpful forum. :slight_smile:

Yeah, even the hardware is mostly unavailable. I have only seen the clone stuff in stores, even then Arduino is barely mentioned on the package. My Uno and Mega are from Sweden and Hong Kong.

I was thrilled when I found arduino last year, its a bummer I haven't found anyone else who is even interested in it here. I guess I'll have to get myself motivated to do a uni course where the communities are.

Sadly electronics hobbyist are dying out where I am. A nearby component store has stopped its services, dick smith stopped also, soon I will have no option but online shopping as Jaycar is so stupidly over priced, and some of the components are just as dodgy as the ebay 100pcs for $2.25. A couple of logic chips I got from Jaycar look like they have been re-stamped.

Yes I just saw the latest SC, they do seem to be biased towards PICs hopefully that will change.

its a bummer I haven't found anyone else who is even interested in it here.

Do you mean people or businesses?

I started a thread in the "Local groups" forum and a few people replied, trouble is we're all over the place :)

BTW, what part of FNQ?


FNQ = Far North Queensland