Arduino gfx fonts GC9A01

I just buy waveshare 240x240 lcd round.
I use arduino gfx library and works fine but I have a problem when I would like to make a simple counter ,probably with fonts.
The counter works but in my screen I can not see the numbers because for example after the number 1 the number 2 go up to number 1 with out replace it and so one.
If I use fillscreen then works but this not the correct way.
I remember that in u8g2 lib I have the same problem with some fonts and fix it with choose different type font.
Also is any option to send buffer lcd data?
My project is a car instrument who have to be very fast so I need the full lcd speed who is possible.

Can you please post your code? Use the </> tag to display it properly.

Thank you for the reply
here is the code
I have try all this fonts
this is a sort video

#include <Arduino_GFX_Library.h>
#include "FreeSerifBoldItalic12pt7b.h"
#include "FreeMono8pt7b.h"
#include "FreeSansBold10pt7b.h"
#include "FreeSerifBoldItalic24pt7b.h"
#include "Uniform_Bold20pt7b.h"
#include "gfxfont.h"
Arduino_DataBus bus = new Arduino_HWSPI(16 / DC /, 5 / CS */);
Arduino_GFX gfx = new Arduino_GC9A01(bus, 17 / RST */);
int i;

void setup() {
delay (2000);
// put your setup code here, to run once:
gfx->setCursor(80, 100);
delay (4000);

void loop() {
// put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
for (i =1; i < 500; i++) {
// gfx->fillScreen(WHITE);
gfx->setCursor(80, 100);
//gfx->print(" ");
//gfx->setCursor(80, 100);



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