ARDUINO goes off after powering dfminiplayer module

i just got the dfminiplayer module and it was working fine for 3 days with arduino nano (using 5v to power it)
and suddenly arduino got turned off, and the weird thing is that i can't upload or power arduino using usb ANYMORE i think the usb diode blowed up (because of the weird shape of the diode)
after that i tested the module with arduino mega 2560 and same thing happend again! arduino got turned off (using 5v to power the module) and when i disconect the wires arduino starts working, i though the problem is with module so i got the new one and again arduino goes off with 5v but not with 3.3v , with 3.3v i can't upload any sketch correctly (3.3v is working with the old module too)

and suggestion that why this happned?

Sounds like a power issue, can’t really confirm without a circuit diagram. Try a separate 5v supply.

Is the DFPlayer Mini module playing an MP3 through speakers attached to the module? If yes, then try disconnecting the speakers. The DFPlayer Mini may be drawing too much current for the Arduino to power it. A circuit diagram would help.